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OU Business School was established by The Open University in 1983 and is now one of the largest and most respected business schools in the world. More than 30.000 managers across 43 countries study with OU Business School every year. All have chosen to accelerate their careers through OU Business School Supported Distance Learning while benefiting from the control this gives over the management of study, work and personal time. This control stems from the fact that you don't come to OU Business School to study: OU Business School comes to you.
At the core of the OU Business School approach is a truly supportive framework. All the courses combine modern technology (such as computer conferencing, CD-ROMs and interactive websites) with tutoring from professionals who possess proven track records in management and education.

In broad terms OU Business School offers three management qualifications: Professional Certificate in Management, Professional Diploma in Management, Master of Business Administration.You can progress from the Professional Certificate in Management through the Professional Diploma in Management, and on to an MBA. If you already have a first degree and want to study for an MBA, you can follow an accelerated route equivalent to the Certificate and Diploma stages.
You can learn more about OU Business School and sample some of the course material at any one of a number of Open Events to be held around Europe during the year. At these, you can meet OU Business School tutors (associate lecturers) and regional staff face-to-face and get the feel of the workbooks, CD-ROMs, software and cassettes that are integral to OU Business School courses.
O'Donnell & Associates, as the OU Business School Marketing representative for Italy, is happy to assist you giving details about these events, to discuss your personal needs and study options and for any other question you might have.

The Professional Certificate Programme provides you with a broad-based, practical introduction to the key ideas, techniques and overall competences you need to manage effectively and productively in modern organisation throughout the world. It covers all the core functions and disciplines needed by today's managers.
The Professional Certificate in Management Programme is ideally suited to the needs and aspirations of those who are new to management roles and responsabilities, and to those who need wider managerial understanding and abilities.
There are no educational entry requirements and, as a professional development programme, the Certificate is relevant and accessible to those from a wide range of educational and training backgrounds.
Everyone on the programme will be expected to bring some personal knowledge and experience of managing within an organisation but you do not necessarily have to be currently employed as a manager.
The Professional Certificate in Management is primarily available as a year-long integrated course. You work through all the modules and other elements of the programme in sequence, with the continuing support and guidance of a tuto

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The Professional Diploma in Management develops the functional and general skills needed by more experienced managers who want to advance their careers and extend their abilities to meet the latest developments in business practice. To achieve the Diploma, managers must already have attained the Professional Certificate in Management (or a recognised equivalent qualification).
The Professional Diploma in Management programme invites managers to step back from their immediate situation to look a t widwe issues and to understand something about the performance of the project/team/department in which they work.
The programme is targeted at middle level managers (or those aspiring to a more senior management role) in larger organisation and those with a leadership role in smaller organisation.
It leads to a general management qualification rather than being a route to specialisation in a particular functional area.

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There are no short cuts to a good MBA. A Master of Business Administration degree takes time and effort.
The OU Business School MBA programme is very rewarding but also very demanding.
It is designed for practising managers in middle and senior positions. The emphasis is on strategic analysis, interdisciplinary skills and independent judgement. The courses are considerably more demanding than those in the Certificate and Diploma Programmes and are designed to build on extensive management experience.
Some courses can be studied individually as well as being part of the MBA, altough they all assume an understanding of the fundamental principles of management and business strategy.

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Which kind of support will I have?
At the OU Business School you get as much support as you personally need. From the start you will be put in touch with your nearest OU centre and you'll be allocated a personal tutor who is a specialist in the subject you're taking: you can talk over the telephone, face to face, via E-mail or computer conference. As the course progresses, you can also meet and exchange ideas with other students. From then on, regular guidance and assesment by your tutor will keep your studies on track and help progress with confidenc

How do I chose the right course?
For most people, the ideal start is a Level 1 course in a topic useful to their career, or one that personally interests them. These courses, which count towards your degree, are designed to provide the extra support that new students need and will help you to develop good learning and organizational skills. You can always contact the local OU Business School representative to get advise or to discuss your personal needs.

Which qualifications do I need to register for an OU Business School course?
* You need no academic qualifications to study for the Professional Certificate t. If you want to register for the MBA entry qualifications are:
* professional Diploma in Management from OU Business School or one of the following
* a UK Honours degree
* a Diploma in Management Studies
* another qualification regarded by the University as equivalent to a UK honours degree

How good does my English have to be?
The language use for instruction, assesment and administration will be English, and your spoken and written english must be of an adequate standard for postgraduate study. You can contact the local representative for advice if you need it.

I am a disabled person; can I register for an OU Business School Diploma?
Experience has shown that the OU Business School multi-media system of learning, with its combination of personal support and distance-based methods, is more accesible to many disabled people than traditional forms of study. The University's policy is to encourage and enable disabled people to participate fully in every aspect of University study. Over the years the University has built up a range of special teaching and support services that meet the needs of most students.

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